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Welcome to Rivers SES

Rivers SES Unit

To help our community cope with and recover from the effects of storm, flood and other emergencies

River SES is a Unit of the ACT State Emergency Service (ACTSES) which is a volunteer emergency service organisation that provides immediate assistance to the community during emergencies and disasters.

Rivers SES volunteers provide year round 24 hour emergency response to the community of the ACT.

The main function of the ACTSES is to undertake planning and response operations for storms and floods. Rivers SES may also assist ambulance, fire and police services in dealing with a range of other incidents or emergencies.

Rivers SES Unit is located on the Cotter Road, Stromlo and provides a skilled team of volunteer emergency response personnel, equipment and resources.

We have an active team of over 25 members and provide training and skills development on a weekly basis in addition to our operational activities.

Location: 903 Cotter Rd, STROMLO  ACT, 2611


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